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3 Simple Ways of Removing Epoxy on Concrete

Improving your home with your own hands can be a brain-straining experience, especially when you have limited knowledge of the to-do steps to take. And removing epoxy from concrete isn’t an exception. Imagine yourself standing in your office room, wondering how you can remove the epoxy floor for replacement without having to call on a contractor for the job.

The truth is: that it is not an easy task to work this out by yourself. There are numerous means by which you can carry out your commercial epoxy removal in Vero Beach Florida, and a lot of them require the use of harsh chemicals which can be harmful to you. However, the task is not impossible.

Here are 4 simple ways to remove your epoxy floors.

  1. Using a steel shot-blast.

A shot-blast is a machine that works with high pressure in removing the paint using tiny steel balls. The shot-blast machine helps in preparing the concrete surface for the application of new paint or epoxy. You can get this machine for hire at various hardware stores.

  1. Removing epoxy using paint strippers.

Products made for epoxy removal contain MEK or methyl ethyl ketone which helps in breaking down the epoxy and makes it less tough to strip off. Using a paint thinner doesn’t work so well, it’s advised you find a stripper with MEK to carry out the project successfully. You simply pour the stripper into a container and apply it to the desired surface using a paintbrush or a mop, then leave the paint stripper for the prescribed time. After that, you use a paint scraper or a knife to peel off the old epoxy with ease.

  1. Homemade concrete cleaner.

Just as the name goes, there is no need for you to go to the store, when you can make your concrete cleaner at home. The homemade concrete cleaner comes in two types: DIY Bleach Concrete Cleaner, and vinegar concrete cleaner. For vinegar cleaner, you only need a mixture of white vinegar and water and apply it to the surface area. DIY Bleach Concrete Cleaner is a blend of bleach, water, and a quarter cup of dishwashing detergent. Applying the solution to the surface area makes the epoxy easier and less stressful to remove.


While hiring a residential epoxy floor coating service in Florida would ease the burden of carrying out the project yourself, epoxy removal is as technical as the former. What you need is the right knowledge, and equipment or chemicals to be used. However, for your new epoxy floor to have a smooth surface and the beauty it deserves, you should employ an experienced contractor.


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