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Although untreated concrete is durable, it is susceptible to certain types of corrosion and chemical reactions. Because concrete is porous, salt migration (efflorescence) is always a possibility. This, in turn, causes dusting, which can harm epoxies and other surface coatings, problems that can be avoided by polishing at the source. Furthermore, one of concrete’s most major issues is its porous nature, which accounts for a significant portion of its lifetime maintenance expenditures. The surface of the concrete is sealed and made denser by polishing it. This allows it to naturally reject water, oil, and other surface pollution in the absence of further protection. So, if you are looking for reliable concrete polishing in Vero Beach, call us today!


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    RTI Restoration Technologies Inc. started in 1995 just outside Nashville. Today the choices are endless when it comes to decorative concrete, Hardscape,Garage Floor enhancement, epoxy floors, and concrete polishing and it can be a bit confusing .


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